Bicycle 4-Pack Saddle Bag

At To Go Cycles, we love the freedom of expression a bicycle offers. That’s why we created our flagship product, the 4-pack saddle bag. Perfectly designed to fit your favourite beverages (4 x 473 ml / 16oz (tall) cans) keeping them cool and protected throughout your ride. When not used to transport drinks, the bag functions as a normal, large saddle bag. Check them out in the Shop today.

Frequently Asked Questions

To Go Cycles is located in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada. 

Yes, shipping to most destinations within Canada and the United States is available. Shipping times vary based on location (2-10 business days)

The saddle bags are lightly insulated. The materials and design of the product does a good job with insulation, however there is not the bulky insulation you would typically find in a cooler

The Saddle Bags are 16cm (6.2″) x 14cm (5.5″) x 14cm (5.5″) and weigh approximately 325 grams (11.4oz)

The 4-pack saddle bag is made of a canvas exterior and nylon interior. The front straps are made of Super Fiber PU Leather and use a metal belt buckle closure to attach to the bike seat. The rear strap attaches around the seat post and provides stability to the bag. The same canvas and nylon combination is used for the front closure in two overlapping layers.  The two layers are held closed with a metal twist lock clasp, providing insulation and securing the contents inside. Lastly, the bag encompasses To Go Cycles’ logo, embossed and stitched into the side of the bag. 

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